Fipal will attend Brau Beviale 2018 from 13rd to 15th of November, at Exhibition Centre in Nurnberg.

In this digitization and global change era, the big challenges beverage field has to face can be seen as great chances as well: Fipal accepts the challenge and sets its goals, embracing several technological innovations and offering different high performance solutions, beyond a persuasive sales policy and a huge company committment connecting everything.

Brau Beviale 2018 will be also a springboard towards the future to Fipal, presenting the VIRTUAL REALITY!
Whoever will pay us a visit will be given the chance to “actually” see every machine of our product array and to watch them in operation inside a real and true DIGITAL FACTORY.

It will be a unique event, projecting Fipal and its customers towards a new way to conceive the plants, having the opportunity to see them “operating” even before to be designed!