FIPAL designs and manufactures various types of palletizing machines suitable for handling any type of product that can be palletised.

Thanks to their extensive operational flexibility, FIPAL palletizing machines are ideal for all palletising applications in the beverage, food, domestic hygiene and personal care (chemical) industries.

The range includes push-operated machines, with infeed from below or from above, or robotic palletising systems featuring great operational modularity and space optimisation.

The entire range of FIPAL palletizing machine, thanks to the use of high quality construction materials and innovative technological solutions, is synonymous with reliability, operability, ease of use and reduced maintenance.

Pallettizzatore automatico e semi-automatico STRATUS P60 FIPAL

Palletising machines

Stratus P60


Palletising machines

Stratus P100

Palletising machines

Stratus P150 C

Palletising machines

Stratus P150 M