Packaging lines for PET packed products (Cosmetics).

Fipal designs and manufactures lines for PET products, containing any type of fluid (mineral water, beer, wine, soft drinks, oil, milk, sauces etc…) and displaying in various format and pattern. Fipal is specialised in end-of-line complete plant for PET products, American cardboard boxes and palletizing plants for any other container type (PVC crates, wrap around, trays, bundles, etc).

Thanks to the launch on the market of the layer preparation system, DYNAMIC BOX, Fipal palletizing systems are flexible and can successfully handle whatever product size and shape, for low, medium and high outputs. Thanks to the multifunction robot FALCON, upon packing and palletizing as well, it is possible to get various line patterns, making the most of their versatility and adaptability to the different customer’s needs.

Machines included in PET line

Macchine per confezionamento - Monoblocchi COMBI - FIPAL




Palletising machines

Stratus P100