FIPAL designs and manufactures dedicated solutions for robotic islands for depalletising, palletising and cartoning products of any shape and size, offering maximum application flexibility.

The use of robots in the packaging industry in general is becoming increasingly popular over time, and this is why FIPAL has launched FALCON, the multifunction robot with an anthropomorphic arm, available in the 4 or 6 axes version, which can be equipped with gripper heads with palletiser, depalletiser, crater, decrater and carton packer.

The FALCON robot therefore allows various applications, guaranteeing great flexibility of use, a very high level of reliability and great precision. Another great advantage of the FALCON robot is that, once the processing cycle has been programmed, it does not require further adjustments.

Robot Pallettizzatore Multifunzione per prodotti di ogni forma e dimensione

Robotic islands